Monday, December 2, 2013

Compare the Features of 7 Speed Reading Software to Others

Speed reading is an essential success tool in business sand academic circles. The onset of PCs and internet has brought an option to attending speed reading classes due to instant access.  One of the easiest choices to learn speed reading is to get a software program.

The general benefit of using software to learn speed reading is that it allows training for interesting eye pattern simulation. Software addresses one of speed training components. This is getting the eyes to move in more efficient way.

When reading, your eyes first see the written words. The eyes stop for a brief moment to "fixate" on words. Untrained readers see just a single or few words at each fixation which is inefficient for fast reading.
Speed reading is like zooming out with camera lens to see more fore and background of a picture. It trains the eye to see more words at each fixation. Speed reading software trains to expand visual focal area and see more words a minute. Different software programs teach various approaches to fixation issue. However, this is just one piece of speed reading puzzle. The other component of speed reading puzzle is comprehension or understanding the meaning.  It serves no purpose to see many words per minute if you cannot understand them.

 Is the 7 Speed Reading Software Training Effective?

In order to learn the techniques of speed reading, it is imperative to peruse through different software in the market. They are not hard to find as they are plenty in the market.  You should begin to differentiate useful programs from those that will only waste your money.

Speed reading software packages can be difficult to understand in terms of how to begin operating for first time users. The advantage is that most of them have a way of instructing new users on how to use the application.

 Different software utilizes different ways to attain training goals. Interestingly, all of them are based on comparable strategies. There are software programs that you can use for memory and retention training.  They are however not part of all speed reading software.   

Choosing software without memory and comprehension as part of instruction means you have to take separate training for that.

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